Cloud Basics

Cloud Basics

“Cloud Basics: The Paradigm Shift” is the first book in a series and provides basic knowledge about the evolution of Cloud computing. It covers concepts like layer elasticity and bundling, busts myths about Cloud such as “Cloud means we don’t know where the data is,” and discusses the significance of Cloud for businesses, for each sector of the computing world, and for individuals.

Author: Aditya Watal, Thinker in Life and Computing
Foreword by: Guy Currier – Head of Research, Ziff Davis Enterprise
Prologue by: Premkumar S – President (Financial Services & Healthcare), HCL Technologies

What are others saying about the Book?

4 Stars!..”Must Read for any IT Professional” – Amazon

“ indespensable work for the non-technologist…” – Russ Bostick, former CTO of Chase Insurance

“This book will appeal to a large non-technical audience…” – Paula Mattingly, CIO for the Department of Health Services (DHS) of Arizona

“Cloud Basics provides me and my team with the foundation to understand the…Cloud..” Sam P. Weaver, CEO Cool Energy Inc.

“This book is an excellent, very accessible introduction to cloud computing for non-technical folks who want to learn what it is and which flavors it comes in” – Natalia Levina, Associate Professor, NYU Stern School of Business.

Air India Magazine (Premier In Flight Magazine) mentions the Book in an article by Aditya Watal
: AirIndia_Current_State_of_the_Cloud

Watch the Recent NYU Lecture or Listen to the Podcast:

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Who is reading this book?

The book is being read today by leading CXOs on Wall Street who believe that Cloud a Trend to Watch and that Cloud, Big Data and related technologies have the potential to change the Workplace of the future.

Steve Rubinow - CIO NYSE Euronext

Steve Rubinow CIO of NYSE Euronext has Cloud Basics

Dr. Steve Rubinow – CIO NYSE Euronext is reading this book. Are you? Buy your copy now!

What is Cloud, really!?

The average person’s definition of the Cloud today is: Cloud is wherever my data is, its somewhere out there on the internet, maybe in Apple’s iCloud. Some geeky people would also say its where my applications are e.g. Google Docs is in the Cloud and my account is in the Cloud.

The more learned Technology folks would say Cloud is a new way to ‘deliver’ technology and business services so they are run from a server somewhere on the internet and you pay as you go.

These definitions are endless and the more people you talk to the more complicated they get. Finally you will find someone who will tell you that the software that they wrote back 10 years ago is no different from Cloud or that the world has come a full circle back to Server Side computing where there was 1 big server and 1000s of people connect to it for consuming its resources.

Have we(come a full circle)? Is cloud just a marketing buzzword? or Is Cloud the same or something new?
Will it fundamentally change our lives like Computers or the Internet did?

The book tries to answer the above questions and a lot more in pithy 70 pages each of which have been sharply edited to cut out any flab and keep it lean and useful for the time you spend on reading it.

Where can I Buy Cloud Basics?

The book Cloud Basics is currently available in multiple editions.
Pick the edition you want from the options below!

1. ($24.95) eBook – Buy Now! at Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, and many other sites.

2. ($24.70) Paperback (Black and White) – Buy Now! at

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4. ($49.50) PDF – Available at

5. Make a Single purchase to gain access to all formats!

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What are some of the Cloud Predictions?

IDC – According to IDC over 2.43 zetta bytes of data will need to be created in 2012. Most of this demand is driven by growth of content like videos, photos and music files.
“Big Data will earn its place as the next ‘must have’ competency in 2012″
“Amazon Web Services will exceed $1 billion in cloud services business in 2012 with Google’s Enterprise business to follow within 18 months”

Gartner – “By 2015, the prices for 80 percent of cloud services will include a global energy surcharge”
“At year-end 2016, more than 50 percent of Global 1000 companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the public cloud”
“By 2016, 40 percent of enterprises will make proof of independent security testing a precondition for using any type of cloud service”

Are there other similar books?

Cloud Basics is the first in a Series of books called The Paradigm Shift. Other books planned in the series are:
Book 2: Cloud Standards (2012)
Book 3: Cloud Engineering (2013)
Book 4: Cloud Investments (2014)
Book 5: Cloud Adoption (2015)

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Is this book selling? What do we do with the Proceeds?

1 Copy Sold Every Day! : We heartily thank the readers of whose word of mouth publicity helps us sell 1 Copy of Cloud Basics every day!

100% of proceeds are given away! to Cloud Innovation and Cloud Start-ups run and managed by our publisher Kavan Life. Learn more about Kavan Life.

Help promote Innovation in the Cloud! Buy your copy now!

Can I print copies of Cloud Basics in my Country or Language?

Yes. To become a vendor kindly send you requests to corporate (at) kavanlife (dot) com

About: Aditya Watal

Aditya Watal is a thinker in the Computing space. He has deep experience in the Technology and Banking sectors. He has strong hands on experience in all business functions including Production, Operations, Sales, Finance, Technology and General Business Management. He has strong experience in managing Large IT projects including outsourcing for Corporate and Investment Banks across Global Equities, Fixed Income, FX & Treasury Management for worlds top Financial Institutions. He currently works as an Analyst in New York managing IT Teams, Projects for Implementation of Applications. He also works on projects that entail Business Process Re-engineering including Total Quality Management, IT Strategy and IT Change Management. He has published multiple papers and lectured at many Universities including the New York and Stanford Universities.
LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

About: KavanLife

Kavan Life and Computing Private Limited was started by Indian entrepreneurs with invesment backing from private individuals. The Kavan Life Team has expertise in Financial, Life, Health, Food, Retail and Technology Industries. Kavan Life looks to actively promote innovation in the Cloud through Cloud Education, Evangelism and Investments.
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