About: Watalon: WatalOn is an online life and computing marathon.

About: Aditya (Ed) Watal: Aditya (Ed) Watal is a Senior Investment Manager with Kavan Life. Watal is responsible for Kavan’s investments in Life and Computing verticals. He is also the founder of Guzool.com a Cloud based Workspace and Cloud Platform company that is the main supporter of the CARMA: Open Cloud Standard, proposed by Watal. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the New York University. At NYU, Watal is responsible for helping define the Cloud computing curriculum for its School of Continuing Professional and Studies(SCPS). Watal in his role as a true cloud evangelist writes actively for various leading media publications and is the author of Cloud Basics, the first book in the series Cloud: The Paradigm Shift. His second book called Cloud Standards is due to hit the stands later in 2012. Watal’s contributions extend beyond Cloud Computing as well. Some of his notable contributions include Watal’s Community First:9 Elements of Corporate Strategy, a novel approach to bring fresh thinking beyond Michael Porter’s Five Forces of Competition; Watal’s Innovation Curve, a body of work that is further development on the work of Nobel Prize winner Simon Kuznets. Watal shares his pristine thoughts through his rather reticent blog Watalon.com. Prior to Kavan Life Watal worked as an Analyst in at major financial institutions and a Consultant with global system integrators that provided him with a rock solid foundation for his research and writing.

To learn more about the Series ‘The Paradigm Shift’ you can choose one of the following. Kavan Life on Twitter or Kavan Life Blog.

About: Kavan Life: Kavan Life and Computing is an India based early stage investment firm that incubates ideas and start-ups. You can follow it on twitter or its blog.

About: Community First: Community First is a theory of Aditya (Ed) Watal described under 9 Elements of Corporate Strategy a lecture that Aditya (Ed) Watal is working on.

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Rethinking Private Clouds
Veteran IT management consultant Aditya Watal is urging trading firms to look at private clouds in a new light, starting with the greater use of open source technology. He would also like to see mainframe-based, back office systems move to private clouds, and a cloud offering for buy-side firms that combines fund processing, operations and IT services. – Read Full Article

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  • Big Data Cloud Computing Innovation Cloud Standards

    Cloud Standards

    The Cutter IT Journal August Issue carries an paper written on CARMA. The paper is a sneak preview of the content you can expect in the Cloud Standards book when it is out this winter. You can download a Free Copy of the Issue. If you missed our earlier conversations on Cloud and CARMA. I am in the process of writing my second book Cloud Standards, which is due later this year as part of the Cloud series, The Paradigm […]

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  • Uncategorized Clearing the Cloud by Air India

    Clearing the Cloud by Air India

    This is to interested CEOs and CIOs in India who visit this Blog, you can now read about the Cloud when flying at 36,000 feet in Air India. In the past few months I have been talking to various CIOs and CEOs about the current state of the Cloud. What is most interesting to note is that despite so much buzz around the Cloud there is still very little clarity as to what the Cloud is all about and what […]

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  • Big Data Cloud Computing Big Data Simplified – Part 3

    Big Data Simplified – Part 3

    In the 1st Part of this 3 Part Post we tried to understand the question : What is Big Data? Then in part 2 of this post we tried to understand the Issues with Data and the Evolution of Technology around Data. Now in this 3rd and final part of the Post we try to understand the Importance of Big Data and why Businesses should care about Big Data. Impact and Importance of Big Data on Business There are many […]

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  • Big Data Cloud Computing Big Data Simplified – Part 2

    Big Data Simplified – Part 2

    In Part 1 of this 3 part post we tried to understand if not answer the question: What is Big Data? In Part 2 of this post we shall try understand the Issues around Big Data or Data more broadly. We shall also try and understand how technology has evolved around Data, Databases and what this means in the Big Data context. Issues with Data? Need for faster access to information, storage for larger and larger volumes of information and […]

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  • Big Data Cloud Computing Big Data Simplified – Part 1

    Big Data Simplified – Part 1

    So, if you read the book (Cloud Basics – The Paradigm Shift) I had said it was really mean’t to be a Blog Post or a Series of Posts that ended up becoming a book. As, I write my first post on Big Data I can clearly see the need for a Book or maybe even a series of Books here that can help clear up the mist on Big Data. More over there is a need to clarify what […]

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  • Cloud Computing Types of Private Clouds

    Types of Private Clouds

    Private Clouds are in the News. AT&T announced yesterday(Monday, 13th Feb 2012) its Virtual Private Cloud offering. It is interesting to see terminology evolve in the Cloud world. Am sure we have heard the terms Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud but maybe not Virtual Private Cloud. Telcos are big proponents of the Cloud. It is often argued that the Telcos stand to be the biggest gainers from the increased Internet Traffic and hence their desire to create new terms. […]

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  • Business Finance Management How to get valued like Facebook, $100 Bn?

    How to get valued like Facebook, $100 Bn?

    Is Facebook worth $100 Billion? was a post made by the Wall Street Journal a few months ago which carried an interesting perspective from Geoff Yang, Founding Partner with Redpoint Ventures, Menlo Park. Geoff gave an interesting perspective on how Facebook could be valued based on its potential market share of the Ad market and the projected growth of the market by 2015. You can read the full post here. (If you know how to get past the Pay Wall […]

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  • Health & Wellness Life Uncategorized Wisdom Do Blackholes exist on Earth?

    Do Blackholes exist on Earth?

    Blackholes exist right here on earth. What is a Blackhole?: Light goes in and is never reflected back to the source or sender. It is believed that this happens because Blackholes have a high amount of gravity and hence pull in anything that is thrown towards them. At least, so says the Theory of General Relativity. Then there is another theory called Quantum Mechanics that says Black holes are black bodies(no kidding) hence they must emit heat radiation like any […]

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